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Times Tables

Times Tables product

Fun way of learning the times tables (or multiplication tables) and division tables from 1 to 12 on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It has features that are interesting to children and also to parents.


Available on the iPhone App Store

Questions or problems?

If you have any questions about this program or you having problems with it please check the Support page or contact me via email at

Features for children:

After each test the child receives a score along with how long they took, their highscore position, and the results for each of the questions. They can hold competitions with their friends (or family members) and compete for the highest scores. As the child continues to use the program the tests become progressively harder and also new features are unlocked.


All of the tables start out at level 1 and are asked in order without any time limits or maximum number of mistakes so that the child can get used to the times table. As the child completes the tests for each times table they will progress to harder levels. With each level the number of mistakes they can make decreases and the questions start having a time limit for each question. You can always decide to play any of the quizzes on any of the previous levels.

Features for parents:

New to this version is progress tracking. This allows you to see how well the child is doing not only on each of the tables, but also on the individual questions so that you can find the ones that the child is having difficulty with and also their improvements. There are also quick quizes that allow you to easily start a quiz without any configuration. Each of the quick quizes has their own highscore table and they draw the questions from the times tables that the child has progressed on. The quick quizes are currently:

If you want to create a quiz with specific times tables then you can create a custom quiz that allows you to choose any of the tables for the above quick quizes.

General Settings

In this version it is still possible to decide whether the questions appear as 7x1, 7x2 or 1x7, 2x7 but these options have been moved to the iPhone/iPod Touch settings.

Each player can chose their animal and change their name.

Sound effects

The following sound effect samples come from

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