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Numbery product

Do you need to write out numbers, transforming numbers into words? Are you learning another language or do you live in another country and you need to write them in another language?

Available on the iPhone App Store

This app can convert 99 to ninety-nine, 1994 to mille-neuf-cent-quatre-vingt-quatorze1 and 322463 to dreihundertzweiundzwanzigtausendvierhundertdreiundsechzig and if you want to hear them spoken automatically, just tap on the speak button.

Available on the iPhone and now on the Apple Watch and iPad.

Number systems:

The supported number systems are:

The next batch of supported number systems are going to be Japanese and Korean.

Long words:

Languages such as Italian and German write numbers as a single word, so for those number systems you will see another line underneath with the spelling as a single word. If those numbers get too small you can just rotate your iPhone and the keyboard will disappear allowing you to focus on the numbers.

Questions or problems?

If you have any questions about this app or you having problems with it please check the Support page or contact us via email at

  1. Hyphens can be turned off for the French numbers if you prefer “quatre cent” to “quatre-cent”. 

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