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Maths Facts

MathsFacts product

Maths Facts offers a series of easy to play games designed to help your child practice and learn the addition and subtraction facts, along with facts families and number bonds. Visit the app store to find out more.

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Number Bonds – what numbers add up to 4? 0+4=4, 1+3=4, and 2+2=4.

Facts Families – what addition and subtraction facts can you make with the numbers 1, 2, and 3? The addition facts are 1+2=3 and 2+1=3. The subtraction facts are 3-1=2 and 3-2=1.

Addition Facts – 10 questions that test you on your adding.

Subtraction Facts – 10 questions that test you on your subtracting.

Multiplication Facts – 10 questions that test you on your multiplying.

Division Facts – 10 questions that test you on your dividing.

Missing Addends – 10 questions that test you on finding the missing number in a sum.

We will be adding more games and quizzes with free updates, so please contact us if you have any requests or suggestions.

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